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About Us

By now you probably know we care hugely about what we do.

Our Mission

Our principle of eat well, every day is there to support those who, for whatever reason, can no longer cook for themselves and require smaller size meals that meet their dietary needs. Our commitment is to provide the best possible safe food with high nutrient content to make sure that good health is maintained longer and eating remains enjoyable.

We aim to make a difference and reduce the growing level of malnourishment in the community amongst Senior citizens living at home on their own.

Our Team

We were brought together by our founder, Elizabeth, to form a dedicated and experienced food development team. Collectively we have spent decades in the food industry ! We all have a touch point with someone in our families who have struggled with food later in life and understand first hand. See Our Story.

Our Chefs

Grace, our recipe chef, cooks over 300 meals each week at her popular Lunch Clubs and understands completely food sensitivities, being a coeliac herself. She is at the front line with our community and recipe development. Keith makes sure our recipes are followed through in larger productions, the quality is maintained and that our food tastes great.

Our Dietitian

Alison Kyle is our advisory Registered Dietitian with an in depth knowledge of the nutritional needs for our community. She makes sure our food is well balanced and delivers the best nutrient values possible.